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Combining the Immense Power of
LinkedIn with SEO for Online Networking
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Networking online requires a blend of technical, psychological and creative skills, with every job presenting it's own individual challenges. Please take a quick at some of the items below to see what we have delivered to some of our clients.

Some of Our Work


This is a very important part of any online presence getting the right Logo and Strapline to consistently send out the right message and create the right Image.

Look Amazing - Feel Great

changed to

Look Great - Feel Amazing

A New Logo with transparent background

A New Strapline for a 
​Local Beauty Salon

A New Logo

A new LinkedIn Banner

Putting it Together

Many people think that a CV on a LinkedIn profile is sufficient but the trouble with this is that people view your profiles like a website so it all has to be linked together with the appropriate wording. Here are some further examples of joining it all up together.