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Combining the Immense Power of
LinkedIn with SEO for Online Networking
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Linked Profile Strength
By now most if not all people are aware of the importance of LinkedIn to the Business community. It is my prime business tool as I can find almost anyone who's on LinkedIn then get connected by leveraging my vast numbers (30,000) of connections. In addition by having an All-Star profile I am being found by many others online. I now deliver these services to various companies globally to help them release the immense power of LinkedIn.
Why you should be on LinkedIn
When you look at the numbers of Social Media users,  Facebook has over a billion accounts, Twitter has more than half of that at over 500 million, and Linkedin has over 300 million users growing by 2 every second. Whereas Facebook and Twitter have more users, Linkedin caters to those in the Business Community that want to benefit from the vast networking power of Social Media who only want to see business related material. Whatever the size of your business, you will see LinkedIn benefits– I can almost guarantee it. Whilst there maybe 4x the number of people on Facebook, people on LinkedIn are there for a completely different reason - to promote and grow their business.

How I can help You
> Work with you to Define your Strategy - for more effective use of LinkedIn
> Build your Profile up to All-Star Status - so you will be Found by other users
> Providing your Profile with engaging content for your audience
> Quickly build up your Connections - Increase your Reach
> Use the Search Tools to Find Key People - Lead Generation, Advice and Tips
> Get you more Targetted Views of your Profile - typically taking clients from 40 views to well over 1000
> Conversion of Views to Connections - Typically
Why an All-Star Profile is Must Have for You
Quite simply to ensure that you appear high up in LinkedIn search results.
If someone searched on my last name and my Profile was incomplete i.e "Expert", "Advanced", "Intermediate" or "Beginner", my LinkedIn Search Ranking would be below the ‘All-Star’ ranked profiles. 
The search algorithm seeks and displays results in this order:
Profile Completeness (100% only)
Connections in Common (shared)
Connections by Degree (1st Degree, then 2nd, then 3rd)
Groups in Common (shared)
It’s important to understand that Profile Completeness is your trump card when it comes to LinkedIn Search. If you don’t have a 100% complete Profile, your Connections or Groups don’t matter, you will in effect be INVISIBLE. 
Now you've got the setup - what's next ?

Your content online reflects on you and your company, creating a good or bad impression to the viewer. Once your profile is complete and fit for purpose we can start to work it which will involve a variety of methods to drive people to your profile and taking the desired action. 

and Finally ...

... remember companies don’t give you business – people do !


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