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About Me

I'm Peter Collins Founder and Director of Find and be Found. With a wealth of experience hands on and in IT Management behind me it was a natural progression to move into Internet and Cloud based technologies. Here's my Journey to date serving as some background to Find and be Found.

From SharePoint to SEO

I find it hard to believe that is now over 11 years ago since I was requested to introduce SharePoint into Central Government. Yes that was the event to get the ball rolling with my professional involvement with the Internet. For those who don't know SharePoint is Microsoft's web based collaboration tool enabling people any where on the globe to work well together with just an internet connection. It's a wonderful tool misunderstood by many, but I relish my initial engagement which saw me build up a user base of over 2,500, from scratch, of very happy users. It was through this work that I really developed my Customer Service skills taking on and enjoying my role getting the business buy-in for SharePoint, dealing very successfully with doubting potential end users and coaching when required. The way I used SharePoint showed me how powerful the various on-line tools can be and their importance to Businesses and prompted a change of direction professionally.
Social Media Marketeers
With an ex-colleague I set up the Social Media Marketeers. We specialised in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn using them in all forms of Online Marketing including driving traffic very successfully to our website. During this time I specialised in LinkedIn learning about all aspects of life on LinkedIn including mastery of its Search Engine to find key personnel and then connect with them.

So now a LinkedIn specialist with just under 30,000 Connections. I help people get setup and use LinkedIn as a very effective online tool for themselves and their business with a range of services, including health checks on profiles, building All-Star strength profiles, managing content, getting Targetted Views and Connections thereby helping others connect online.

I was approached by the top US based SEO company Power to be Found to be their LinkedIn specialist and to further promote their Online Marketing services. We have clients ranging from SME's through to Fortune 100 companies.

I now have a range of companies / associates who can provide additional quality online services to a variety of other Companies and Individuals. Contact us for more details.

So here we are now at 
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